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Kashrus: Mehadrin Kashrus (R’ Avrohom Marmorstein) in conjunction w/ R’ Avrohom Chaikov of the Chabad of DUMBO. All baked produ...

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Ave P Appetizer

Large and amazing salads!! Also the tuna and eggsalad are awesome!!

Bella Sutton
Va Bene Italian Kosher Restaurant

The food is amazing!!! Tastes just like kosher dairy food in Italy! The waiters are great too! However, they give sm...

Bella Sutton
Reserve Cut

Even though the food here is delicious, it is way overpriced! I enjoy le Marais more bc of that! Its really not a pla...

Bella Sutton
Gigi's Cafe

Worst service ever! they basically forget that you exist! And the food is okay, nothing special. Also, almost everyth...

Bella Sutton